Vertica Meetings: Fall 2018 Update

Updates (11/17/2018)

AGI (Above Guideline Increase)
Vertica is in the process of putting together the paperwork for an AGI in their East Buildings (40 High Park & 77 Quebec), but no official paperwork has been filed nor a hearing date set.
If you have received a notice of increase from Vertica (or any landlord) that has not passed through the Landlord Tenant Board yet, we advise you not to pay until it is made official; assuming you can afford a lump sum when the final amount is determined. The HPTA will advocate for you to keep all increases low if reasonable.
This advice applies to all HPTA members (Vertica, Minto, or 299 Glenlake).

Bike Thefts
It has come to our attention that there the spate of bike thefts in the underground parking garages is continuing, with the most recent theft happening this week.
Tenants should take extreme caution if choosing to store their bikes in these areas as they are not secure. You may wish to consider alternative storage options until Vertica updates the storage facilities next year.

If your bike is stolen, please follow the complaints reporting protocol on our website to report it.

Original Message:

Members of the High Park Tenants’ Association meet regularly with the landlords’ representatives to address residents’ concerns. The following is a summary of recent meetings with Vertica.

Contrary to some recent speculation, Vertica has not filed or settled an above-the-guideline rent increase as of the moment. As many tenants may be aware, the provincial government sets a limit to how much landlords can increase rental fees every year. Any landlord who wants an increase above this guideline must apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board. So far Vertica has not filed an application for a further increase.

In response to residents’ complaints, Vertica has hired a new elevator repair contractor, as the previous contractor wasn’t providing timely service. Vertica are also hiring a new cleaning service in an attempt to address deficiencies in building cleanliness.

Vertica plans to install a bike cage next year to address bike thefts that occurred this summer.

Vertica has purchased two new barbecues for the 65 High Park Avenue courtyard, to replace the two broken ones. They will keep two barbecues out during the fall season.

In response to complaints that locked bicycles are blocking the parking garage ramp, Vertica will consider putting up a sign asking people not to chain bikes to the ramp at 65 High Park.

If there is something you would like addressed at our next meeting with the landlord, please use the Complaints Reporting Protocol on our website and we will advocate for you.

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