Update on Issues at 77 Quebec Avenue

On March 14, 2019, HPTA representatives met with Vertica Property Manager, Monique Channer, to discuss residents’ concerns.

Important Disclaimer: The update below contains items from the meeting that we can share based on the commitments provided by Vertica. They do not reflect all items discussed nor the actions the HPTA will endorse if the situation at 77 Quebec Avenue does not improve immediately.

Town hall meeting: The HPTA asked Vertica to hold a town hall meeting at 77 Quebec to discuss how they are addressing the recent series of problems in early April on a day that would allow the most tenants to attend.

We did not get a final decision on this point; Vertica has been planning to hold a town hall this spring to discuss proposed renovations at 77 Quebec. HPTA’s view is that this issue is distinct from the current building problems, which need to be discussed in their own right and as soon as possible. 

Riser replacement project: Vertica will issue detailed memos as they have previously promised. The first will cover the overall project and give a three-month outlook. The second will address in-suite work. They will then issue monthly updates. Vertica will also provide one week’s advanced notice of entry for all in-suite work. The HPTA asked that these notices include detailed schedules for the work required.

Elevators: The HPTA requested that Vertica issue regular updates on the status of elevator repair efforts and the estimated completion date(s). Vertica told us they were issuing a memo that same day, to be posted in common areas and e-mailed to addresses on file.

Carpet at south exit: Vertica will be replacing the carpet in the “medium-term”. In the meantime, the carpet will be power-washed; they have requested this be done week on March 18, but this date is subject to finishing work in ground floor units that were affected by recent flooding.  

Vertica will consider adding a protective area carpet, though must evaluate whether this would create a tripping hazard.

Communication: We asked that Vertica issue and circulate memos in a manner that is prompt, reaches tenants effectively, and provides clear contact channels. Vertica agreed that:

  • Memos will be posted in highly visible locations (i.e. elevator banks in lobby and each floor) and delivered to each suite for critical issues.
  • If memos are posted in lobby display cases, they will be fully legible and displayed prominently.
  • Memos will be posted on the day they are dated, rather than significantly later.

Note that Vertica’s new, company-wide policy is that memos no longer be signed with the names of individual staff.

Steps Vertica is taking to resolve other persistent concerns at 77 Quebec…

The Vertica memo of March 14 includes an update on the lobby odour issue. In addition:

  • Intermittent flooding in south ground-floor hallway: This will be resolved as part of the building-wide plumbing upgrade.
  • Hole in laundry room ceiling: Issue is due to a leaky riser which currently has a temporary clamp on it. Hole will have temporary repairs on a rolling basis until a permanent fix is made.
  • Completion of front landscaping: The slab for underground parking still requires some work. The contractor will start that work in the Spring and will require time to finish. Landscaping will be done after the contractor finishes slab work. Estimated completion date is Fall 2019.

Support for maintenance: The HPTA asked Vertica to provide the regular maintenance staffer with extra support so that the backlog of maintenance requests is cleared promptly, and future requests are addressed within Vertica performance standards. Vertica is actively recruiting one more “floating” maintenance staffer, who would provide support where needed. Currently, there is one regular maintenance staffer per building plus one “floating” staffer for each side of High Park Avenue, but Vertica recognizes that this is not enough.

Maintenance back-up announcements: Vertica agreed that when the regular maintenance staffer assigned to 77 Quebec is absent for longer than one day (e.g. on vacation), Vertica will notify residents and name the individual who is covering for him.

Residents’ Online Portal functionality: The current portal is not authenticating new accounts, which limits communication and prohibits customers from making maintenance requests online. Apparently, this is a company-wide problem. Monique Channer will follow-up with IT staff at Vertica headquarters.

The HPTA will continue to update members through our mailing list and website where appropriate.

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