Update: Minto AGI Application

Despite the best efforts of your High Park Tenants Association Executive and its legal counsel, the HPTA was unable to reach a satisfactory negotiated Above Guideline Increase (AGI) rent agreement with Minto at yesterday’s Landlord and Tenant Board Case Management Hearing (file: TSL-67917-15).

HPTA and Minto will now proceed to a Merits Hearing before a Landlord and Tenant Board Adjudicator who will evaluate their respective arguments and make a binding decision to be followed by a Rent Order.

Affected Minto tenants will receive a Notice of Hearing advising them of the time, date and location of the Merits Hearing shortly.

In the meantime, you are reminded that you are not required to pay more than the Guideline rent increase at your annual lease renewal date until the Rent Order is issued. You will be required, however, to make a retroactive lump sum adjustment payment to Minto once you receive the Rent Order.

The Guidelines are: 2017 – 1.5%; 2016 – 2.0%; 2015 – 1.6%.

Thank you to all the tenants who came to yesterday’s Landlord and Tenant Board Case Management Hearing to provide us with support. Your special effort was greatly appreciated.