Landlord and Tenant Board  416-645-8080 (Toronto)  1-888-332-3234 (outside Toronto)

Federation of Metro Tenants’ Associations 416-413-9442 416-921-9494

Gord Perks (Toronto City Councillor – Ward 4) 416-392-7919  

Bhutila Karpoche (MPP Parkdale-High Park)  416-763-5630

Legal Aid   416-979-1446 or 1-800-668-8258


Residential Tenancies Act

The City of Toronto website (Multi-Residential Apartment Buildings – property standards for apartment buildings)


View our current complaints reporting protocol here.


By law, the temperature in your suite must be at least 21°Celsius between September 15th and May 31st.

This is referenced in the Toronto Rental Apartment Heat By-law No. 499-2000, Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 497, Article 1 Heating: Rented Accommodations (Adopted 2000-08-03).



  • Information from the City of Toronto

Emergency Preparedness for people and pets

Emergency Survival Kit

Your Personal Emergency Preparedness Guide         Add your personal information on pages 26 and 27 (Use the arrows on the screen to navigate the document.)

  • Information from the Province

Ontario Emergency Preparedness Pocket Guide

Ontario Survival Check List (3 day supply per person)



Most landlords have in place a protocol to deal with pests, including bed buds.

If you are faced with this problem, contact your property managers immediately.  Ask questions about the protocol.  Landlords are expected to do their part, but you must also follow all steps given.  It costs money (dry cleaning, buy new items, etc.).

The HPTA recommends that tenants not bring second-hand goods in their apartments without careful inspection or/and treatment.  For this reason, the HPTA did not accept books and furniture for its lawn sale in June 2011.  The lawn sale event is under review.

According to a non-official and non-governmental site, created by Maciej Ceglowski who is a computer programmer and not a pest specialist, some buildings in our area have been identified as having occurrences of this pest.  Be careful, though.  Some comments posted on this bed bug registry are contradictory.

The site states “How can you be sure these reports are true? We can’t – this is the Internet! All our bedbug reports are submitted through the site, and have not been vetted for accuracy. We do our best to flag posts that have been disputed, but we remind our readers to take things with a grain of salt. Some reports are posted by malicious tenants. Some are posted by evil competitors. Some are posted by hypochondriacs.” (FAQ page)

The HPTA strongly recommends that you use CAUTION in assessing the information posted.

With this in mind, please, click the link below to access this private bed bug registry website.



On January 26, 2011, the HPTA organized a public meeting on smart metering.  Sarah Doucette, our City Councillor, was present.  Kevin Sambrano, a past president of the HPTA, gave an insightful presentation on smart meters.  For those who were not present, please click the link below to learn more about  smart metering and the responsibilities of landlords.

The link below gives new information that was added.