Minto Landlord and Tenant Board Rent Order

Minto Above Guideline Increase Application TSL-67917-18

Minto has acknowledged that the August 8. 2018 letter it sent to affected tenants does not have sufficient explanation of how it calculated the new September 1, 2018 lease payment nor any lump sum owing to Minto or the tenant. The calculations are complicated by previous Rent Orders reducing rents for a decline in realty taxes, by subsequent annual rent hikes, and by pending AGI Application TSL-84034-16. A High Park Tenants Association examination revealed inconsistencies in the amounts calculated.

Tenants who are affected by the Rent Order and have received a rent increase payment notification letter from Minto are urged to contact Dimitra Aligiannis at Minto should they wish to obtain a detailed explanation or to challenge the calculation.

Tenants are also reminded that they are under no obligation to pay any Above Guideline Increase that Minto has applied for (TSL-84034-16, for instance) until the Landlord and Tenant Board approves the increase and issues a Rent Order.

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