An Excerpt from Councillor Doucette’s Latest Newsletter re: The High Park Village Developments

Community Newsletter – January 20, 2017
Dear residents,

Developments in High Park Area

I also wanted to take this opportunity to share information about two development applications that were submitted to Planning in 2016. First is the Minto application, which is situated between Pacific Avenue and Oakmount Road, south of Glenlake. Minto reached out to my office to inform us they had submitted the same application that they presented at the pre-application meeting on November 2, 2016, as a means to avoid paying the increased fees that were coming into effect on January 1, 2017. They stated that they will be submitting updated plans in late January / early February with a revised application. Their current application consists of two blocks of 37 3-storey townhouses, one 33 storey tower, one 29 storey tower, an 8 storey podium and a new 2 storey amenity pavilion.

Planning also received an application from Great West Life who brought forward a proposal for their property between High Park Avenue and Pacific Avenue, south of Glenlake. They are proposing a 39 storey tower, a 34 storey tower, a 29 storey tower, and an 8 storey tower. Unlike the Minto application, this application was not brought to my office or the community first, and we are unsure at this point what road they plan to take moving forward.

I strongly believe both of these applications are proposing far too much density and excessively inappropriate heights for the High Park area. I have already voiced my opposition to these current applications with Planning. I will continue of course to share with the community any new information as it becomes available, including any public meetings once they are scheduled by Planning. Future public meetings will be an opportunity for the community to come out and voice their opinions. While both of these applications are still incomplete, it is important for everyone to know that once they are complete, the countdown to appeal them to the Ontario Municipal Board begins.