Who We Are

The High Park Tenants’ Association (HPTA) is a volunteer tenant group that works on behalf of the tenants to improve the welfare, safety and quality of life of its members as residential tenants.

Our History

The HPTA was created in the 1980s and includes 10 buildings and 28 townhouses. At that time, all properties were owned and managed by one entity. Today, multiple owners and property management entities own the properties.

The HPTA represents the tenants living in the following buildings in Toronto:

  • 255 Glenlake Avenue
  • 35 High Park Avenue
  • 40 High Park Avenue
  • 52-66 High Park Avenue (townhouses) – May be demolished
  • 65 High Park Avenue
  • 95 High Park Avenue
  • 66 Oakmount Road
  • 66 Pacific Avenue
  • 111 Pacific Avenue
  • Pacific Townhouses
  • 51-65 Quebec Avenue (townhouses) – May be demolished
  • 77 Quebec Avenue
  • 299 Glenlake Avenue

Our Constitution

Please click here to review the current constitution. Last updated/approved on June 8, 2016.

Complaints Reporting Protocol

Click here to read our complaints reporting protocol.