A Request to Tenants from CBC Columnist Shannon Martin:

Hi everyone:

If you’re on Facebook please join the “Toronto renting woes – CBC Toronto” Facebook group and share your stories!


From Shannon Martin:

Hey everyone, my column yesterday was only the beginning of this conversation. I shared my story in hopes that you would do the same.

And so many of you have – it’s incredible. Thank you.

Here’s another ask.

We’re putting together a series of profiles on GTA renters. If you have a few minutes tonight, or tomorrow, send me a video.

We want to see you, in your rental, and hear your story. Did it take you months to find it? Was there a bidding war? Where is it? What are the conditions like?

And most importantly, if you have questions for Ontario’s Housing Minister, the Mayor, or maybe you have questions about your rights as a tenant or landlord, include those too.

We’re rolling out 10-days of coverage on CBC Toronto starting Monday. And we’d love to have your voices.