2018 HPTA AGM on February 26

Annual General Meeting
February 26, 2018 @ 7:30pm
High Park Athletic Club

The High Park Tenants’ Association will be holding our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday February 26th at 7:30pm at the High Park Athletic Centre (formerly High Park Village Fitness – 65 High Park Ave, Toronto, ON M6P 2R7). This is our most important meeting and we encourage all members to attend!

We will be conducting the business of the meeting in a new format to allow for the meeting business to conducted quickly then moving on to Q&A afterwards. We aim for the official part of the meeting to begin promptly at 7:30pm and last no longer than 30 minutes.

Annual General Meeting Draft Agenda

1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Appointment of Secretary
3. Association Updates
Resignation of Drew Harvie
Recent Activities of the HPTA
PO Box
Other items
4. Update of Constitution/Bylaws
Several updates will be proposed to the HPTA constitution to bring our operations up to more modern non-profit standards including:
Allowing the AGM to be help within 1 year +/- 90 days of the previous meeting
Changing Executive/Board rules to use Directors as the electable positions and have Officers be assigned roles of the board
Other small changes
5. Election of Board of Directors & Call for Volunteers
6. Above Guideline Rent Increases & Recent Tenant Concerns
7. Adjournment

After adjournment of official business, the HPTA will take questions and concerns from members present until 9pm.

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