The Minto High Park Village Redevelopment Proposal

At its open house meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, Minto announced it had identified the “Potential to Improve the Open Space and Building Pattern” at High Park Village by:

  • eliminating the outdoor pool and barbeque area
  • eliminating all but 13 guest parking surface spots
  • removing virtually all of the trees on the property
  • adding 2 high-rise rental apartment towers of 34 and 36 storeys containing up to approximately 750 new units
  • adding 7 clusters of 2 and 3-storey rental town house units containing 43 new units along the Pacific, Glenlake and Oakmount frontages of the site
  • adding a 2-storey amenity building with facilities to be determined in some of the remaining open space


In summary, the improvements would:

  • greatly reduce the amount of open space remaining on the site
  • double the density from 750 to approximately 1,500 apartment units
  • restrict the routes of pedestrian and vehicle access to the site
  • eliminate most of the current generous setbacks from the street
  • raise the building height from the current 12 to 23 storeys to 34 and 36 storeys – a minimum of 13 additional floors.

The rationale provided to justify the proposal fastened on the necessity to bring the current, outdated “Tower in the Park” concept into line with the Point Tower planning concept currently in favour in downtown Toronto, on improving the enjoyment of the site for current tenants and on allowing for the completion of the restoration of the underground parking garage. It did not mention the economic benefit to the owners of doubling the suite density on the site.

Minto has hired Bousefields Inc. to shepherd its proposal through application to the City of Toronto and to the Ontario Municipal Board, if needed. Bousefields filled the same role for the now completed Daniels Group project on the south of the High Park Village site and Great West Life’s Grenadier Square project about to commence construction north of the TTC High Park subway station.

Minto has indicated that it wants to collaborate with its tenants and neighbours to ensure that their views on the proposal are taken into account. A notice of a citizen’s information meeting should be sent by the City of Toronto to all affected parties shortly.

Do not miss the opportunity to provide your input! Send feedback and suggestions for revisions to John Huffman, Land Development Coordinator at Minto Communities Canada. 416.258.9937 or Make sure to also copy Councillor Sarah Doucette ( so she has a strong record of tenant’s concerns as well.

We will send out an e-mail alert to all our members that have supplied us with their e-mail address as future meetings, details or comment opportunities are announced.

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