Upcoming Special HPTA Meeting


    Lobby 255 Glenlake Avenue    

Wednesday 29 June – 7 pm

Last month, the then-executive committee of the High Park Tenants Association moved to dissolve the HPTA. In order to prevent this, a new president and executive took office.

This special meeting will:

  • Introduce the new executive committee members
  • Present the amended HPTA Constitution – read it on our website
  • Review Minto’s and Vertica’s current AGI applications (Above Guideline Increases to your rent)
  • Accept volunteers to act as Building Representatives

With Landlord and Tenant Board Guideline increases, a High Park Village unit that rented for $1,000 a month in 2005 would now rent for $1,160. The application of Landlord’s approved and pending AGIs has increased that amount to $1,250. AGIs have increased the rent of that unit by $1,080 per year.

This is about YOUR RIGHTS & YOUR MONEY. Please attend.

Tenant representation at AGI hearings requires substantial resources.

Donations are needed and welcome, so please bring along a donation via cash or cheque if you can. Every penny helps!

Seating is limited. If you are able to bring your own chair, please do so.