65 High Park Avenue: Steam-pipe break

An emergency took place on February 15, 2016 beginning around 2 AM in 65 High Park Avenue, when a steam-pipe burst in the model suite on the second floor, setting off building alarms. Second and first floor residents were evacuated as water and hot steam spread through hallways, and entered many units on those floors. Some adjacent units have had devastating water damage.

Fire services responded quickly, as did a team of Vertica staff and contractors, however there has been significant water damage to adjacent suites, front entrances, hallways, the lobby, basement  hallways and locker rooms, and the laundry room due to flooding.

The elevators were also flooded as a result, causing them to cease functioning for hours after the pipe-break, and multiple malfunctions of the fire alarm occurred in the hours after, further disrupting residents throughout the building.