Introducing HPTA’s New Team

We are pleased to announce the election of a new, skills-based HPTA Executive and team, unanimously elected at our AGM on Friday, January 29. Cheri DiNovo, our Parkdale-High Park MPP, also joined us to discuss how her team can continue to support HPTA and members.

The Executive team has a 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Executive Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Secretary. Together, with Committee Chairs, this team offers an impressive range of skills, professional experience and educational qualifications in the areas of law and legal affairs, financial management, fundraising, publishing, communications, advocacy, and corporate governance.

A strong team of committed and enthusiastic building reps have been elected, and we continue to recruit building reps for 255 Glenlake, 299 Glenlake, 77 Quebec and 40 High Park.

Email us at for more information about how you can bring your skills and passion for our great community to HPTA as a building rep or member of a committee.

Thank you to all members who have stepped up to volunteer their time and skills to HPTA.