All tenants at High Park Village are now aware that the ownership of the HPV has changed. The information was communicated via notices. As of April 15, 2015, the buildings in the west portfolio belong 100% to Great West Life Realty Advisors Inc., and the buildings in the East portfolio belong 100% to Minto Management Limited.  Formerly both portfolios belonged 50% to both companies.

The properties in the West portfolio are:

  • 35 High Park
  • 65 High Park
  • 95 High Park
  • 66 Pacific
  • Townhouses 41 – 63 High Park
  • Townhouses 102 – 116 Pacific
  • The HPVFitness Centre,
  • The Resident Services Centre, and
  • The Barbecue area

The properties in the East portfolio are:

  • 255 Glenlake
  • 111 Pacific Avenue, and
  • 66 Oakmount

The properties in the East portfolio will continue to be managed by Minto.  The properties in the West portfolio will now be managed by Vertica Resident Services Inc. , the same company who is now managing 40 High Park and 77 Quebec (Grenadier Square).


A new Resident Services Centre is being built at 111 Pacific for Minto tenants.  New GWL realty Advisors Inc. tenants will continue to use the Resident Services Centre at 66 Pacific.

It is with some sadness that we have learned of the departure of the very competent and kind superintendent Sergui K. (See our summer 2014 newsletter for some of your comments on him and his wife.)  We are glad to communicate that the other half of this talented team, Tatiana, is still working for Minto.

We also would like to express gratitude to Maria S. who helped tenants greatly, with day-to-day financial questions, with efficiency and compassion, both as a dedicated Superintendent and as a Property Administrator.

We wish these individuals the best on their new paths.

The Minto Regional manager will no longer be on-site every day, and will share her time among other Minto properties in the city.

Great West Life Realty Advisors Inc. is the same company who filed an application to build two 26-storey buildings on High Park Ave. and on Quebec Ave. to replace the existing townhouses. (The Community Group HPCoalition is opposed to this proposal and the application is in front of the OMB).


Will Minto tenants be authorized to use the barbecue area?

Its renovation was paid for by all tenants through AGIs (Above Guidelines Rent Increase)

Will all tenants be authorized to use all the pools of the West and East portfolios?

Various pool renovations were paid by all tenants through consecutive AGIs.

How will access to the garage work?

All tenants paid for all renovations done in the garage through multiple AGIs.

How will this structural change in ownership affect the lease of GWL /Vertica tenants?

Minto has ensured that there will be no change in the current rental agreement of its tenants.

New GWL/Vertica tenants will receive a “Welcome letter”.  The HPTA hopes that this letter will contain all necessary information.

We meet regularly with Vertica to discuss issues, questions or concerns tenants have at Grenadier Square (40 High Park, 77 Quebec).

We will continue to meet with Vertica to discuss issues, questions or concerns, new GWL/Vertica tenants may have, including the new ownership.

After reading the “Welcome letter”, if some questions remain unanswered, please contact Vertica directly.  Copy our address in your email  We will present issues, questions or concerns that have not been addressed to your satisfaction.

Will the West portfolio be considered a separate property from Grenadier Square? Will it be managed by the same staff at Grenadier Square (40 High Park and 77 Quebec)?

These questions may be answered by Vertica in its “Welcome letter”.  The HPTA will ask these questions at the upcoming meeting with Vertica.

What about the Resident services Centre?

The Minto Resident services Centre at 66 Pacific offered great flexibility in opening hours.  It was open 6 days a week, usually from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Will Vertica maintain this flexibility to allow tenants to have access to services after work and on Saturday?

If the “Welcome letter” does not answer this question, it will be asked at our upcoming meeting with Vertica.

Will Minto’s standards be maintained by Vertica Resident Services Inc.?

This comment was received today.

Minto: One of the reasons we like living here so much is because of how well managed it is in terms of cleanliness, quick response times to maintenance requests, even little things like the Christmas lights they put up, and the contests they run each month, dog treats they provide in the service centre. These are all little touches that really make a difference.”


 The HPTA will continue to represent all tenants of the East and West portfolios and the two buildings at 40 High Park and 77 Quebec.

We will continue to hire legal counsel to fight AGIs.  We will continue to mediate maintenance issues and advocate for tenants for best living conditions.

Now is the time to step forward and to get involved in your association. We are always in need of volunteers to help carry our mandate.  Send us an email.  Tell us how you can help (building reps, communication, flyer distribution, new committees, etc.).

Lastly, the 2014 Minto AGI will be heard on April 15, 2015 at the Landlord and Tenant Board. If you can, consider attending this hearing. There is strength in numbers.

 The HPTA will represent all tenants listed on the AGI application (the Landlord and Tenant Board notice was sent last month), whether you are present or not at the hearing. The hearing outcome will apply to all tenants listed.

The HPTA expresses again its warm wishes and thanks to those Minto staff whose dedication and care made a difference in the life of Minto tenants over the years.