Annual General Meeting Update

Officers were elected.

Items discussed were:

  • Coinamatic complaints: the machines are not efficient. The driers in particular do not dry well. It requires additional funds than before to dry large towels in two cycles;
  • Privacy issues complaints (Vertica): there are too many permissions to enter to inspect suites.
  • Minto tenants complained about batteries not being replaced by contractors doing the maintenance check on fire alarms.
  • Health and safety of cell towers on Minto buildings. Some tenants are concerned about the side effects documented by the Canadians for Responsible Technology and will be researching this item.
  • Closure of the tennis courts on Minto property: some tenants feel short-changed by the loss of this amenity.
  • Flooded pathways during rain at High Park Village (Minto). Tenants say they can barely walk because of the muddy water accumulating in some areas on the Minto property.
  • Minto’s response to people being trapped in elevators; should not Minto be involved in helping its tenants trapped in the elevators? The assistance is solely done by the company who installed these elevators. These elevators were renovated recently, and we paid for them with AGIs applied to our rents. The tenants trapped in these elevators said they had to wait between one to two hours. One tenant left the property after this traumatising experience. Tenants feel response time for assistance should be improved. Some tenants are seniors with health conditions. Calling 911 may be more efficient to receive help.
  • Congratulations expressed to Vertica for beautified grounds with colourful and quality planters.
  • Some Minto expressed satisfaction with Minto as being a responsible landlord with maintenance requests being completed promptly.
  • Windows. Some tenants feel windows should be replaced on the Minto property. The draft in suites is often unbearable in the winter. The plastic installed by Minto, on request, does not efficiently prevent the draft coming from the windows.