AGI MEETING – Above Guideline Increase

The HPTA has hired a paralegal to fight upcoming AGIs for Vertica and Minto tenants.

A meeting will take place Tuesday September 30, 2014 from 7:30 pm to 8:45 pm at the High Park Fitness Centre, 65 High Park Avenue.

Please bring your donations to pay for legal fees.  Attach your name, suite number, building, email or contact information to your contribution so we can keep a list.

Tenants are asked to email their questions before the meeting. Put “AGI Questions” in the Subject box.

The paralegal will answer all questions received, explain the AGI process and discuss options.

 A Reminder

The provincial increase for 2014 is 0.80% and for 2015 is 1.50%.

Minto has applied for an AGI of up to 3.30%.

Vertica informed us that they are waiting for the outcome of the OMB hearing (Grenadier re-development) to decide on an AGI application.

We suggest that Vertica tenants be pro-active and attend this meeting to be prepared for a potential AGI application by Vertica.