Coinamatic is showing blatant disrespect for its customers.

We were informed by our members last week that there was a price increase for the use of the washers.

You now need to pay $ 3.00 for a wash with the selection of “hot water and very soil”.  It was $2.75 before.

Coinamatic did not inform tenants of this increase.

Coinamatic did not respect its word, given to the landlord, to not raise cost. There was an increase last year and the year prior for the use of washers and dryers.

Coinamatic should improve communication with its customers. There was no prior information given on this increase.  Coinamatic should honor its word.

Tenants’ comments (all negative) will be shared with management.

Coinamatic should improve the way it treats its customers.

Tenants have asked for a detailed price list to be posted in all laundry rooms, for all selections, to inform customers, as do all service providers. The digital screens on the machines are small and prices are not permanently displayed.  A posted price list would be good business practice, and would show transparency and integrity.

Some years ago, Coinamatic had charged customers a Visa fee without letting them know beforehand. We had to fight to have this fee removed.

In light of this and the considerable discontent regarding the recently installed machines, it seems Coinamatic is going back to questionable practices.

The HPTA is willing to meet with Coinamatic to help address these issues.