The HPTA met with the new Regional Manager and is pleased to announce the following:

  1. There will no longer be rotation of cleaning staff. Tenants should now see familiar faces cleaning their buildings on a regular basis.
  2. New sturdier carpets will be installed in all elevators next winter.
  3. Coinamatic will put two washers and two driers on pedestals, in each laundry room, to make loading easier. (See note below.)

These three improvements came in response to tenant complaints. Tenant activism does make a difference! We encourage tenants to be pro-active in reporting positive or negative feedback to Management to make their voice heard. (See our Reporting Protocol under the Resource tab.)

The following will also occur on the Minto property:

  1. 35 High Park will be receiving new carpet, wallpaper, paint and tiles in the common corridors.
  2. Landscaping will be improved this year. The HPTA has asked for the return of more colourful and better quality flowers.
  3. A new elevator is being installed at 95 High Park.
  4. All laundry rooms will be renovated.
  5. Sprinklers will be added.
  6. Galvanized pipes will be installed at 111 Pacific. A town hall meeting will take place to ask questions.
  7. Superintendents and the regional manager will attend Monthly Morning Coffees to meet tenants in the lobbies of their buildings. (New dates will be posted.)

Lastly, we were informed that the pool at 111 Pacific will not open until July 2014 due to balcony renovations done in this building and brick repairs occurring overhead. Some tenants will be disappointed but it is for safety reasons to avoid particles and pieces of concrete falling on pool users.


Note: Coinamatic is willing to discuss with interested tenants how to improve their laundry experience. Send us an email at Please put: “Talk to Coinamatic” in the Subject Box.