Changes at Minto HPV

Tenants have communicated displeasure, anger and dissatisfaction at two latest changes implemented by Minto:

* removing the building managers from the buildings;

* removing the bulletins boards from each floor.


Tenants said they feel the loss of connection with a known person, the ability to thank, and the seeing of familiar faces that made the buildings welcoming.

Tenants with limited mobility said they now have to send someone to read the postings for them, and to give their rental cheques to the Residents’ service centre.

Tenants said they now do not know who enters their suites when regular maintenance is done.  The feedback cards are not consistently left behind with a name and a reference number for the job done.  All personnel are Minto’s employees or contractors, but glitches do happen and have happened, when unknown contractors even trained, breach protocols and do not respect premises.  The HPTA is asking tenants to be vigilant and to report any incident promptly to

The bulk of the feedback received on these changes was negative.

Two tenants expressed satisfaction with one change saying they were not pleased with their building managers.

A retiree tenant said she is unable to read the postings in the showcase box as the prints are too small. The HPTA had brought the size of fonts used in memos to the attention of management, last year.

We also received concerns about water interruptions and fire alarm memos that will not be read on time.

In regards to Christmas gifts offered to building managers in the past, the HPTA recommend to contact the Resident Service Centre to find out who does what, and their names.

Lastly, 1213763 Ontario Inc. and M Park Place Corp. have given Minto authority to manage the HPV properties as Minto sees fit.  We encourage tenants to let their voice be heard by filling the J.D. Power survey that Minto distributes yearly.  Personal data requested are optional.  Continue to send us feedback and your suggestions on how to help resolve these matters to your satisfaction.