There has been an increase in incidents involving dogs: dogs barking during the night, aggressive dogs, unleashed dogs, dogs leaking people on the elevators, dogs allowed to use the balconies to relieve themselves, urine and fecal matters found in the laundry rooms and stairs.  The HPTA would like to remind dog owners that non dog owners have rights and owing a pet comes with responsibilities.

The following information comes from Toronto Animal Services and can be found at:

Dog Owners’ Liability Act has been amended to include the following:

  • Authorize the commencement of a proceeding against a dog owner where the dog poses a menace to the safety of person or domestic animals, or against a person who contravenes the Act, the regulations made under the Act or a court order made under the Act.
  • Every pet owner has a responsibility to make sure their animal does not disturb their neighbours.

The City of Toronto has an anti-noise bylaw prohibiting persistent barking, calling, whining or similar noise-making by any animal kept or used for any purpose at all times in a residential area (Municipal Code Chapter 591-4 (A)).  Any noise made by an animal or bird which disturbs the peace, quiet or enjoyment of others may be considered an offence. Fines on the first conviction are up to maximum of $5000.

Toronto Animal Services is responsible for enforcement related to the following:

Toronto Municipal Code Regulations
Toronto Animal Services enforces provisions of the Toronto Municipal Code and The Dog Owners’ Liability Act:

  • to ensure that animals are kept in accordance with the conditions set out in the Municipal Code
  • to ensure animal owners understand their responsibilities owning a pet in the City
  • to ensure that specific safety concerns and emergencies within the authority of the Municipal Code and Dog Owners’ Liability Act are addressed in a timely manner

Toronto Animal Services inspects and investigates animal related complaints on private property and City owned lands (e.g. Parks) to ensure compliance with Acts, by-laws and regulations in order to maintain a high level of public safety, neighbourhood integrity and cleanliness, and consumer protection.

 Bylaw Compliance Program
The bylaw compliance program responds to complaints and initiates proactive prevention through a range of approaches including inspections, alternative dispute resolution, education and, if necessary, enforcement, prosecution and other legal proceedings.

Contact information
Contact Animals Services for any enforcement matter.

Telephone:     416-338-PAWS (7297)

Minto Management Limited informed us that there is a dog ownership provision in its lease that states:

“You are responsible for any disturbances or damages caused by a pet that you bring to, or permit on, our property. Failure to properly control your pet will result in the immediate commencement of eviction proceedings.”

New guidelines have been posted in buildings and new signs placed on Minto property.   Pet Guidelines May 2013

Recently, a Minto tenant was served with a Noise Violation Notice by an inspector from Animal Services Toronto, and with an N5 form (notice of eviction).  This came after incessant barking, day and night, and neglect of two animals.  He had 7 days to redress the situation.

The HTPA would like to see the right of all tenants respected.  Dog owners have the right to have dogs.  Non dog owners have the right to enjoy and be in the public space (elevators, corridors, etc.) without being aggressively barked out, leaked on, or worse, attacked by unleashed or improperly supervised dogs.  The presence and smell of fecal matters and urine on balconies seriously impair the right to enjoyment of fellow tenants.  We are asking everyone to be respectful and responsible citizens.  This is our community!