66 Oakmount Renovations (Minto)

We have received emails from tenants asking when the balcony renovations will start at 66 Oakmount.  They would like to start the process of clearing their balconies.  Some have already done so and find it inconvenient to have boxes in their living rooms.

The HPTA contacted the Resident Services Centre.  The Customer Relations Specialist told us she was unsure when work would start, maybe April, May or June, as Minto is awaiting the approval of permits.

During former renovations, Minto had generously offered to move and store the properties of senior tenants with physical limitations.  If this service is still available, the HPTA recommend that these senior tenants record where their properties are stored and the name of the person who does the moving and storage. This will facilitate the retrieving of properties once the renovations are completed.