A.G.I. for Vertica Tenants

Vertica tenants have let us know that they have received notices of rent increase by Vertica.

The total amount of the increase is 5.5%. 

The mandatory increase by the Province for 2013 is 2.5%.  Therefore, Vertica is asking for an Above Guideline Increase (A.G.I.) of 3.00%.

The HPTA will fight this increase on behalf of all Vertica tenants.  We have retained the services of a paralegal specialized in landlord and tenant issues.  This paralegal succeeded in helping Minto tenants significantly reduce their AGI.

We will communicate with Vertica tenants via our mailing list and flyers.  If you have not yet sent your email address to be added to this list, we urge you to do so.  Email is the most efficient way to communicate with our members, and it reduces our costs (paper, ink, photocopy and distribution). 

Our plan of action for this A.G.I. will be outlined during a meeting that the HPTA will organize for Vertica tenants,  in February 2013.  Tenants are asked to make every effort to attend this meeting where questions on this A.G.I. and possible outcomes will be answered.  The date for this meeting will be posted on this website, in January 2013.