Minto – West Garage Repairs

A Town Hall meeting was organized by Minto on October 18th, 2012 to present the work and the side effects involved in the west garage repairs. 

Minto’s engineer and project manager were present, as was the president of the contracting firm. The following was presented and discussed:

  • Reasons for procedures and choices made;
  •  Location of the hydro-demolition machine trailer;
  • Jack-hammering;
  •  Compressor location and work;
  • Vehicles relocations and parking fees reductions;
  • Noise level and insulation;
  • Fob re-programming and access to buildings.

A Questions and Answers Sheet was distributed to tenants. (1) The meeting lasted 1 hour and 30 minutes and was advertised in the elevators and on the screen monitors in the lobbies.

We are sad to report that this meeting was poorly attended.  We encourage tenants to attend all Town Hall meetings to join the discussion on events affecting their living conditions.

(1) Here is a link to this document for our members’ convenience.

Garage Repairs- FAQ Town Hall OCTOBER 18, 2012