The meeting on the Above Guideline Increase (September 19, 2012) went remarkably well.  Seventy tenants were in attendance.  The paralegal hired by the HPTA addressed all questions and concerns tenants had regarding the A. G.I.  Among the items discussed were:

* Legislation

* Interest on Last Rent Deposit

* Maintenance and Embellishment

* Capital Funds and Reserve Funds

* Hydro, Security, Services

* The concept of “complex” (Why the AGI applies to all buildings.)

* The concept of Market Rent

* Amortization – Life Duration of the A.G.I.

* Hearing process at the Landlord and Tenant Board

* Hearing Date: Tuesday October 30, 2012.  All who can are encouraged to attend.

* Notices will be sent by the Board to tenants (including a listing of all tenants affected by the AGI.)

Thank you for your emails regarding the quality of the information given by our paralegal.  All concerns were brought up in a respectful and constructive manner.  Thank you to those tenants who volunteered to help.  Thank you all for attending and for your donations to our defense fund.